Montoro - Córdoba

Extra virgin
olive oil

The home of Picual olives

El Molino estate enjoys hot summers and cool winters. Perfect for producing exceptional extra virgin olive oil. Encapsulating the passion and drama of Andalucia: spice, warmth and intrigue. A discovery we have been harvesting since 1875.

Classic Methods,
Contemporary Tastes

Cold pressed oils from single estate olives add piquancy and a hint of modern decadence. Searching for a taste sensation? You’ll delight in unwrapping the treasure of El Molino extra virgin olive oil.

Locale and Terroir

From the rich red soils of the estate olive groves comes oil high in antioxidants. Quality olive oil perfect for cooking and creating your signature dishes. Health giving Mediterranean style cooking has never been more in vogue. Spanish Gazpacho, Italian pasta or a particularly spectacular chocolate cake. All enjoy the addition of El Molino extra virgin olive oil.

De nuestra casa a la tuya
From our Home to Yours